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Policy Name : Family Health Protector

Policy Code : FHP152

An innovative health insurance policy from Apollo Munich, the Optima Restore family floater policy is ideally designed for the family, which includes coverage for the spouse, dependent children, dependent parents and parents-in-law. The plan includes among other some unique benefits such as Stay Active, Restore and Multiplier. 

  • The Stay Active benefit rewards customers who lead an active lifestyle, the benefit allows a customer to enjoy premium discounts by simply walking. We will also provide you with a mobile application that allows you to track your progress.
  • With the Restore benefit if one of the family members consumes the floater sum insured (annual coverage) during the policy term, the policy will restore the entire amount with no extra premium charged thereby covering every unrelated claim in a single policy year. Applicable once in a policy year, restore benefit is not carried forward to the next year.
  • In addition the policy also comes with a Multiplier benefit, for every claim-free year the sum insured (coverage) will grow by 50 percent of the basic cover in the following year. Thus doubling your coverage within 2 years at no extra cost.
  • Buy our best-selling Optima Restore health insurance plan online to secure the future of your family right away.